Top Ten Reasons Sheldon Won’t Graduate 

It seems every year Sheldon can’t get everything together to actually graduate. This year is no exception.

Top Ten Reasons Sheldon Won’t Graduate

10. He wore a Onesie to school.

9. He left his backpack in the hall.

8. He forgot to change a light bulb.

7. He didn’t flex creatively.

8. He parked in the wrong church parking lot.

7. He sent a “meow i’m a cat” email.

6. He mis-used his five minute break.

5. He has -47 Community Service Hours.

π. He stole coins from the Ton Of Coins tub.

2.4. He forgot to send in his Senior Project Proposal.

2.3. His Senior Project was worthwhile.

2. He bathed in the Ton Of Coins tub.

About the author

Sheldon has been writing for The Match since 2007. He is a perpetual senior, coming close to graduating a few times. In his free time, he enjoys watersports, such as chess and calculus.