Top Ten Teacher Comments That Would Have Made Progress Reports Awkward


10. “His hygiene habits are infamous.”

9.5. “I recommend: Uber driver.”

9.2. “Your check bounced.”

9. “I’m not sure she knows what my name is.”

8. “Her laughter is infectious, like Ebola.”

7. “I’ve never seen such creative cursing in an English paper.”

6.5. “I don’t think this student is in my class.”

6.1. “PROM?”

6. “Have you considered surgery?”

5.5. “I’ve never given a ‘J’ before.”

4.6. “He smells nice.”

4.2. “The voices in his head are disruptive… but intriguing.”

4. “[Student name] is a great addition to our class.”

3.2. “I don’t know if those stains in the carpeting will ever come out.”

2. “I swiped right.”

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