Fashion Around Campus

By Grace Stratford

Fashion is a form of self-expression that creates varying styles that reflect different personalities. While Collegiate has policies on clothing and dress, students and faculty still find ways to show their sense of style, usually within the confines of the dress code.

The pictures that follow are various students and faculty from around campus strutting their fashion sense. When asked to be featured in a photo essay about fashion at Collegiate, some students decided to add a little extra flair for the picture, such as sunglasses, or wheels in the Heelys.

Each person was asked to describe their own fashion sense, and then the question, “What does fashion mean to you?”

Tyler Tunstall (’18)

Tunstall is fond of the dress code because “I’ve always been pretty fond of the ‘preppy look’ but doing it differently.” His fashion icon is Russell Westbrook, and Tunstall’s favorite colors to wear are blue and white. “I’d say my three fashion trademarks are my bow ties, the socks, and my earrings.” He has over 12 bowties and over 50 pairs of socks. He loves his earrings because “not many guys wear them. I love them, and I think it gives the outfit a little shine… pun intended.”

McKenzie McHugh (’21)

McHugh is a fashion-forward freshman that also enjoys being comfortable. She believed that she dresses like many other Collegiate girls, but finds ways to be different through her shoes and accessories.

Brad Cooke (Upper School history & Outdoor Collegiate)

Cooke says, “I dress based off the faculty handbook, but I despise ties.” He keeps a jacket at school for events that require them but never wears it for fun. Often you can find him in Birkenstocks (as pictured here due to an injured toe) or in his cowboy boots. One of his favorite parts of his outfits are his “airport belts” because they contain no metal, so he can leave them on through security in airports.

Isabella Bakhshi (’19)

Bakhshi is fashion icon at Collegiate. She believes that, “fashion is a creative outlet. Whatever you like, wear it.” She would describe her fashion sense as “different than the typical Collegiate girl.” Bakhshi said, “I like to go out of my comfort zone with clothes, and try new, sometimes weird outfits.” Keep rocking you!

Alfred Stratford (’21)

Stratford (full disclosure: he’s my brother) chooses to dress the way he does because he likes to be comfortable while obeying the dress code. He wears a collared shirt and khakis, sometimes with a fun belt. Although he looks like a majority of the male students at Collegiate, he is aware of that and doesn’t care that much, because he is comfortable in his clothes.

Julie Miller (Upper School receptionist)

Miller is always colorful and cheery. “I think if one article of clothing was to define me, it would be socks.” Each morning, she chooses a different pair of socks that speaks to her and then bases her outfit off them. She really loves compression socks, which she is wearing in this picture.

Zaed Karabatek (’19)

For Karabatek, he believes fashion is a way to show off some of the materials you have. He wishes that Collegiate would allow him to wear t-shirts, because he feels as if they are a great method of self-expression. Mostly, he likes to look good and be comfortable.

Reilly Gallagher (’18)

To Gallagher, fashion is a way show her inner personality. She is consistently found rocking her red Vans. She threw on her hat and sunglasses for this picture because “it feels like me.” She doesn’t wear her hat inside, but sometimes chooses to wear her sunglasses on her head on Hawaiian shirt Fridays. To quote Gallagher, “That’s how I do it, BRO!”

Dr. Mark Hall (Upper School French)

Dr. Hall can always be caught in his coat and tie around campus. He says, “I love different colors and textures, that’s what my style is.” He enjoys to wear his coat and tie every day because it boosts his self-esteem, and he enjoys looking professional.

Victoria Allen (’20)

Allen bases her fashion sense on how she is feeling that day. She says that if she is not feeling that great, and it is more of a calm day, she will wear loose, flowy dresses and outfits for comfort. On days when she is feeling her best, she opts for a more popping look, which includes those heels!

Travis Reifsnider (’18)

Reifsnider brings a trendy style to the Collegiate campus. He says, “I dress the way I do because I like to keep the mood light.” His outfit is often accompanied by his either a brown paper bag or a Ziplock that contains his lunch. Most frequently, you can catch Reifsnider in his iconic pink shoes with dolphins all over them, not to be confused or mistaken for watermelons.

Jan Rodgers (Upper School math)

Rodgers creates a sense of individuality through her clothes. She likes to dress up for school because it makes the school day a bit more fun for her. She also finds that when she dresses up, “I feel more respected by my students” and also finds that, a majority of the time, students are better behaved.

Chris Grainer (’20)

Grainer likes to call this look, “I peaked in 2008.” Most of Grainer’s style is a variety of hand-me-downs from the past 20 years. He said, “I was very inspired by Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’” He’d like to wear blue denim pants at school, but acknowledges this is not accepted in the dress code. You can catch Grainer outside rolling around in his Heelys, but inside they are just normal shoes because he takes the wheels out.

All photos by Grace Stratford.

About the author

Grace Stratford is a senior at Collegiate.