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This semester’s Match staff is an interesting collection of characters, but how well do you really know these writers? You’ve been breathlessly following the work we’ve done in our Writing for Publication (WFP) class this past semester, but it’s time to dive deeper and find out who these writers really are.

Olivia Jacobs

Olivia “OJ” Jacobs (‘17) is the stereotypical Leo (the astrology sign, not the DiCaprio).  She’s spunky and excitable, two of the fire signs’ most recognizable traits. Jacobs served as SCA co-chair this year and has tried nearly every sport you can name. Be sure to keep an eye out for her wicked sunburn.

My favorite of OJ’s articles in The Match this semester is her piece on zoo births.

Olivia Laskin

Olivia Laskin (‘17) is mostly known around campus for her beautiful and soaring singing voice. In her time in the Upper School, she has been heavily involved in both the theater and choral programs. Laskin does some performing around Richmond, including the Charlie Brown-themed performances during her time working at Kings Dominion.

My favorite article by Laskin is her story about her audition experience at Chicago Unifieds.

Sam Hunter

If you’re looking for Sam Hunter (‘17) in a crowd, look for his headbands. His luscious locks are legendary; almost as much a member of the senior class as he and his twin, Willie, are. Hunter can also be found on the soccer field in the fall, or doing some sick, double front flips off the diving board.

My favorite of Sam’s articles is his review of the Kodak Black concert.

Spencer Lyons 

Since I’ve known Spencer (‘18), I have always thought he would make an excellent host on late night TV. He’s got a contagious type of charisma and a killer sense of humor.  Aside from working at CCV, you may find Spencer having a “Skate Nation sesh.” In fact, he won the jackpot on one of the arcade games.

My favorite of Spencer’s pieces is his video on Collegiate’s café prices.

Destana Herring

Destana (‘17) is one of those people who is awesome at everything, even when he seems to not be trying at all. Academics, music, sports; if you can think of it, Destana’s probably great at it. He’s been an active member of the Collegiate community, participating in the theater program, jazz band, and several sports teams.

My favorite of Destana’s articles is his piece on local crime called “A Tale of Two Cities.”

Bryce Ritter

Bryce Ritter (‘17) may be one of Chatham, New Jersey’s most interesting exports. When he’s not icing up, Bryce spends his time mastering poker, supporting sports teams of all shapes and sizes, or playing Halo on his XBOX. And if you need anything to pester him about, he’s never seen Titanic.

My favorite of Bryce’s articles is the one he wrote on WWE.

Michael Romer

Michael Romer (‘17) is a very calming presence. He approaches most things with an impressive amount of chill. Romer played football in the fall and is now on the lacrosse team. It must be a natural affinity that led him to sports; in fourth grade, he won the grade-wide competition for having the best March Madness bracket.

My favorite article by Michael is about bears in captivity.

Eva Whaley

Eva Whaley (‘18) hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is a new junior at Collegiate this year. She’s a star on the volleyball court and Collegiate’s only German language student. Whaley has Goldilocks hair, too; seriously, I’m convinced her hair is glowing.

My favorite of Eva’s articles is piece on the Upper School sports requirement.

Caroline Baber

Caroline Baber (‘18) goes to bed around 9:30 p.m. at night; impressive, yes, but even more impressive when you consider that she wakes up every morning at 4 a.m. for swim practice. Aside from swimming, Baber spends her time either watching and wishing to judge Cupcake Wars or getting pneumonia (she’s had it ten times now).

My favorite article by Caroline is the one she wrote on Richmond’s grocery wars.

Libbie Alexander

I can’t remember a single time I’ve ever seen Libbie Alexander (‘18) without a smile on her face. Maybe on the sports field, or during the dance concert, but her smile is one of Libbie’s staples. Libbie is a self-proclaimed master of memes and hopes that if meme-ing is ever a formal profession, she will be the first in that position.

My favorite piece of Libbie’s is her profile of Belize.

Gabby Spurlock

Gabby (‘18) is one of those people you can feel instantly comfortable around; she has such a fun air about her and has very funny commentary. Gabby helps out the trainer in the athletic department and does a lot of four wheeling (with no license, might I add). She once fed a giraffe at the Richmond zoo.

My favorite of Gabby’s articles is her piece on the importance of Black History Month.

Ellie Angle

Ellie Angle’s (‘18) Internet history is probably filled with Wikipedia links to plot summaries of horror movies; she hates watching them, but loves knowing what they’re about. Angle can be found diving, dancing, or doing most anything that requires superior flexibility and strength.  Her one life goal is to somehow, some way, fly.

My favorite article by Ellie is about diving.

Amy Kaplan

Amy Kaplan (‘18) is a force of good in the world; she participates in STAR, wrote an awesome article about refugee students, and hopes to be a pediatric surgeon one day. When she isn’t making the world a better place, you can find Amy sleeping, sneezing, or playing with her dogs.

My favorite of Amy’s articles is her Honors feature on the vaccine controversy.

Frances Melvin

Frances Melvin (‘18) is a cinnamon roll: too pure and good for this world. Melvin is one of the swim team’s future captains (along with Baber, Lauren Lynch (‘18) and Lauren Brizzolara (‘18) ), and loves anything and everything outdoors. She’s also a big fan of running (a trait I deeply admire). Melvin hopes to spend her future doing anything involving traveling.

My favorite article by Frances is her gorgeous profile of the Grand Canyon.

Patrick Kirchmier

Patrick Kirchmier (‘17) practically bleeds football. He plays, watches, and just wrote an opinion piece on the NFL draft. Patrick is far more than just football, though; he never fails to make our Publication class laugh, and I find his commentary quite entertaining.

My favorite of Patrick’s articles is his piece on the history of Collegiate football.

Grant Villanueva

Grant Villanueva (‘17) is one of two SCA co-chairs in this year’s WFP class. Grant (or “Shaan”, as some teachers mistakenly call him) can be found ballin’, boardin’ or taking a long walk on the beach. His fun facts always end assembly on a nice note, and I bet his celebrity crush, Vince Vaughn, would like them too.

My favorite article by Grant is his profile of his sister.

Thanks to all of our readers for your support this year!

Photos courtesy of The Match.

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