BoDillaz Quesadillas

Photo credit: Sam Hunter.

You may have seen the food truck driving and thriving around Richmond, but the permanent location of BoDillaz is found at 916 West Broad Street in downtown Richmond. Marked by the iconic “EAT HERE” sign with an arrow pointing at the door, the restaurant is hard to miss. Although I have eaten there multiple times, the interior has never lost its simple charm. It doesn’t have any booths, bar, or even gendered bathrooms. The walls are filled with sports memorabilia from local teams, especially the VCU Rams. Multiple signed jerseys and balls decorate the interior. The restaurant uses a counter to both order and deliver food, so it has no staff outside of the kitchen. The staff that I did meet were very nice.

The menu is very limited, with only two real main dish options: a burger or one of their extensive quesadilla options. With the options of chicken, steak, or buffalo chicken and all of the standard toppings, you can build your own quesadilla. However, the best options are their signature quesadillas. My favorite is the Happy Hawaiian. The Happy Hawaiian is filled with cheese, chicken, and pineapple. I also ordered a side of BBQ sauce, fries, and a fountain drink, which totaled $11.37. Moderately expensive, but the meals are enormous.

Along with my four humongous wedges of chicken and pineapple-filled quesadillas, a heaping plate of fries and unlimited fountain drink refills is included. I have been to the restaurant many times and have never been able to finish my entire meal. The wedges are always overflowing with meat, and the pineapple is usually cooked the perfect amount to remain juicy, yet warm enough to not feel out of place. The fries are abundant and crispy. They complement the rest of the meal perfectly. Alex Britto (‘17) ordered the chicken quesadilla, which he said was “the perfect combination of cheese and chicken, [he] loved every single bite!” The chicken quesadilla is simply the Happy Hawaiian without pineapple.

If you are ever in the downtown area, I highly recommend giving BoDillaz a try. I have never met anyone that doesn’t like it, and the prices are fair. Even picky eaters will love their food.

Featured image courtesy of BoDillaz.

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Sam Hunter is a senior at Collegiate.