Snapshot: The Senior Section


By Slyons Woodward & Villy Bernstein (AKA Spencer Lyons & Grant Villanueva)

Inside the Sharp Academic Commons, there lies a small section, near the café, where seniors are known to reside. The infamous “Senior Section” is a common area for Collegiate seniors to relax and, occasionally, do work. Although not officially recognized by the school, the senior section is known as off-limits to any student not in the senior class. The seniors do not often have to enforce their “policies,” because no underclassman would dare step near the senior territory.

A few distinguishing features of the section include the bright, open skylight, the breathtaking stone wall, some of the most comfortable couches in the tri-state area. The skylight is a special piece in this magical section of the Commons. Watching clouds drift by and seeing the occasional plane glide along are serene moments. According to myth, the stones were hand-picked and built by the dwarves of the Iron Hills. However, the defining characteristic of this sacred place are the couches and the stone ledge next to the fire place. Legend has it, the cushions were forged by the sheep gods and then sewn by the crones of destiny from Greek mythology. The communal orientation of the seating arrangements and the mysterious creation of this place have lead many to call this place the Stonehenge of Collegiate. Tess Perry (‘17) appreciates this majestic section and describes it as the “community watering hole for all of [the seniors].”

Cornell steps into the jaws of the beast.

One bold junior, Brad Cornell (‘18), claims to have “walked into the senior section once to ask a question. I had never been more scared in my life.” Even with a valid reason, Cornell did not feel welcome in the small area of couches and lounging seniors. Considered to be the apex predators of the Collegiate Upper School, seniors possess a natural confidence and sense of power that intimidates any student that might do them wrong.

Mountcastle sets Cornell straight.

Despite being feared, seniors are actually quite caring and would never hurt a soul, mentally or physically. All the seniors will do to someone in the senior section is talk to them, take a picture of them, or simply stare in silence. Being a brave soul, Cornell was willing to see how far a non-senior could last in the senior section. As Cornell started getting closer, several seniors looked at him but expected Cornell to “know his place.” Once Cornell reached the couches, the heart of the senior section, he was approached and reprimanded to by Fisher Mountcastle (‘17).

With only about one month left for the senior class, the juniors are eagerly waiting their turn to sit in the coveted section. Cornell said, “I really can’t wait ’til next year. As much as I will miss the seniors, I’m pumped to be able to sit in the senior section next year.”

All photos by Spencer Lyons.

About the author

Grant is SCA co-chair and a senior at Collegiate.