Snapshot: Coach Kondo & Crossfit

By Bryce Ritter and Patrick Kirchmier

We stopped by Upper School Director of Student life (and Coach) Beth Kondorossy’s office on a recent Wednesday to see what she’s up to in her few hours away from her work at Collegiate. Many people may not know that she is an avid Crossfit competitor. She has been involved for about three years and has competed in three major Crossfit games. The most recent one she entered in was the 2017 Reebok Crossfit Open.

The Open is a five-week competition consisting of five workouts. Workouts are released on Thursdays, and competitors have until Monday to complete the workout regimen. Each workout is scored differently. They may be based on time, reps completed, and/or weight lifted. Workouts are released and streamed live Thursday night, depicting the movements, with pro athletes showing how it’s done. Then, the competitors are on their own to complete the workouts.

There are two different divisions for the Open: The Scaled Division and the RX division. The Scaled division is self-explanatory: it consists of scaled versions of the released workouts. Coach Kondo is in the RX division, which completes workouts as they are given. Within these two divisions is the Masters division, which is for competitors ages 35-60. The ages are chopped up into their own subdivisions.

Coach Kondo is extremely passionate about Crossfit, and for good reason. She finished fifth in the two person male-female category in the Superfit National Championship. She is so passionate about Crossfit because she believes that you only have one body, so you need to treat it right.

Crossfit competitions are slowly becoming more and more popular. Over 350,000 men and women competed in the Open. Coach Kondo’s husband, assistant football coach Chris Kondorossy, is also involved in Crossfit. As a matter of fact, Collegiate’s very own Middle School Science Teacher Craig Ely was also a strong competitor in the Open.

Featured image by Bryce Ritter.

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