Big Brother’s Next House Guest

By Bobbie Edmunds and Olivia Jacobs

During most B periods, Steele Viverette (‘18) can be found at one of the Saunders Library’s wooden tables, working on his biology homework. But biology is not Steele’s chief interest. For a while now, Viverette has been interested in film and hopes to pursue that in college. “I think it’s really cool to be able to see into other people’s life and get a perspective that’s much more difficult to get through other mediums.”

While Viverette hasn’t been involved with the film club at school, he has found a home in the theater. This past weekend, Viverette played Sheriff Atkins in the Upper School’s spring play Book of Days. Viverette has been a part of the theater since his freshman year, but the Sheriff is his first named role. “All my previous roles I have self-named Norfm. He has a very complicated backstory,” said Viverette. “[Norfm] was in prison for a while because he murdered his mother with a butter knife. But, now he’s in the circus, so he’s doing better. Other than his blood-thirsty tendencies, I’d say he’s doing fine.”

As a lifer at Collegiate, Viverette has found more ways than one to be involved in the community. Aside from theater, he has taken on a major role as the president of Collegiate’s service club, CARE (Collegiate Animal Rescue Effort). CARE brings volunteers to the SPCA every other week, and Viverette has been involved since his freshman year. He has a passion for animals and feels it increasingly important to make sure that Collegiate includes animals in their community outreach programs. “Animal service is often overlooked,” said Viverette. “It’s important to include all different types of service in our Collegiate community.”

Two bracelets from Camp Silver Beach. Viverette wears them every day.

Though Viverette spends the majority of his year at Collegiate, or at his home, which is a short walk away, his summers are spent on the Bay side of Virginia’s Eastern shore. Camp Silver Beach has been Viverette’s summer destination of choice for six years. It is there that he has found not only life-long friends, but his passion for archery. “I first started archery in 2010. I used to be terrible. Now, I’m a boss,” says Viverette. “I’m basically Katniss Everdeen,” he jokingly adds. Archery is a chief source of stress relief for Viverette, and he looks forward to it at the end of a long day to help him regain focus.

On Viverette’s long list of aspirations, “reality TV star” is toward the top. He hopes to be on Big Brother, the CBS reality show where around sixteen houseguests are placed in a house located in Los Angeles, California. They must compete in competitions, create alliances, and keep themselves from being evicted by other houseguests until there is one contestant left. “I found Big Brother fairly recently. It was season 16. They are currently on 19,” Viverette told us. While the winning the money would be nice, Viverette informed us that he “think[s] it’s interesting, and people’s interactions are very interesting. Seeing how people think and strategize, and how loyalties play out is very intriguing. I like that aspect of it.”

All photos by Olivia Jacobs.

About the author

Bobbie Edmunds is a senior at Collegiate School