Collegiate Café Trivia

If you walk into the Sharp Academic Commons between 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 pm, chances are that you will find numerous students in line at the school’s Estes Café. The café is often a usual spot for students to find snacks and drinks to get them through the day. Although many students visit the café regularly, some are unaware of the prices of their favorite snacks. Since the prices differ from those found in a store, it can be difficult to keep track of most prices. To make it even more difficult, whether intentional or not, the price labels are placed in an extremely small font on very small laminated cards, which may lead to them often being overlooked by the consumers in line.

Photo credit: Spencer Lyons

To see how well our Upper School students know about their own spending habits, I went to the café and talked with several students about their snacking and spending at the cafe. The answers varied through the interviewing process, and these students obviously represent just a small sample of the Upper School student body. The cafe continues to be a popular spot for eating and generally hanging out. Here are just some highlights from a game of “Café Trivia.”


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Spencer is a junior at Collegiate. He enjoys the Reading Rainbow, Google-Chatting with ladies, and incorrectly correcting people's grammar,