Meet Soccer Star and Chicken Enthusiast Maisy Fling (’18)

Some know her as “Cornmais,” others know her as “Maizy,” and others don’t even know her at all. She’s new Collegiate junior Maisy (pronounced: May-see) Fling (‘18).

Until this year, Maisy was a student at Lee-Davis High Schoola large public high school in Mechanicsville, Virginia. When asked about differences between Collegiate and Lee-Davis, Fling joked that there are “less tractors driven to school” at Collegiate. Despite the differences between Lee-Davis and Collegiate, Fling has already made lots of new friends and made an impact on her classmates. Her sense of humor and presence in class can easily brighten anyone’s day. Referring to a board game Fling often plays during her free period, Caroline Baber (‘18) says, “I wish I could play Settlers of Catan as well as she can.” Lee Kennon (‘18) another friend of Maisy’s, says that she “enjoys her passion for chicken.” Fling is always quick to make a joke, and her hilarious personality has been a great addition to the Collegiate community. She has enjoyed her experience at Collegiate thus far, and says that her favorite subject is pre-calculus with Upper School match teacher Mac Friddell. When asked what her opinion was on Brunch, Fling states that it was “interesting at first but fun when I understood what was going on.”

In terms of extra-curricular activities, Fling is a talented soccer player. She currently plays club soccer as a goalkeeper for Richmond United Elite Club National League (ECNL). Richmond United is a soccer club that combines the best players from both Richmond Kickers and Richmond Strikers to play in a national league. She first started playing soccer at age three and has had many notable soccer achievements throughout her career. She was recently named best keeper in the Mid-Atlantic region, and last year her team was named fourth best in the country. She says that she enjoys playing goalie because “It’s fun to be able to see the whole field and dive around at people’s feet. Also, it’s fun to use [her] hands.” She plans to be a part of the girls’ varsity soccer team this fall and will play an important role as the team’s goalkeeper. “I’m really excited for soccer with Maisy,” says Catherine Alexander (‘18), a player for the girls’ varsity soccer team at Collegiate. “I think she’s going to be a great asset to our team’s success and contribute positively to the team dynamic.”

Although it is obvious that soccer is her main passion, Fling also has many other activities that she enjoys doing in her free time. She enjoys lifting weights in off-season weight room, one of her favorite parts about Collegiate. She also plays the guitar, and she has been playing since she was 16 years old. She has an older sister who she claims is “a lot different from [her].” Her sister is almost 21, attends William & Mary, is a dancer, and plays the piano. Fling also has a boxer named Lola and a cat named Kitty. Referring to her cat, Fling says, “Her name was originally Milo, but then we found out that she was a girl.” Despite owning them, she is allergic to both cats and dogs, along with trees, dirt, dust, and grass.

Whether you see Maisy dominating the soccer goal this spring, getting swole in the weight room, or learning about forces in Upper School science teacher Greg Sesny’s G period physics class, make sure to ask her about her love for chicken and the beautiful game. Below is a list of Maisy Fling fun facts.

  • Favorite color: sky blue
  • Favorite movies: The Amazing Spider-Man II and Ocean’s Eleven
  • Favorite food: “Chicken, all types of chicken”
  • Favorite shape: square
  • Favorite soccer team: Chelsea F.C.
  • Favorite animal: Golden Retriever
  • Favorite candy: Sweetart Chews
  • Favorite movie star: Andrew Garfield
  • Theme song to her life: “Moves” by Big Sean

All photos courtesy of Maisy Fling.

About the author

Libbie Alexander is a junior at Collegiate.