Kimberly Jeans: New Senior At Collegiate

Kimberly Jeans (‘17) is a new senior at Collegiate this year. Coming into a new school, especially as a senior, can be a hard transition to make. However, Jeans has already become an amazing addition to the Collegiate Community.

Photo credit: Olivia Laskin.

Jeans is no stranger to new places. When asked about where she lived before Richmond, Jeans stated, “I was born in Cary, North Carolina. I lived there until eighth grade, then I moved to Albany, New York. I moved here this past summer.” Jeans stated that the reason for their move was, “My dad got a new job when we moved both times. But this time we wanted to move closer to family (who all live in North Carolina) so he was looking for a job closer to home.” When questioned about the main differences between Albany and Richmond, Jeans stated, “Richmond is newer, and Albany has more of the older—more historical buildings. Richmond has a lot more indoor based activities, but Albany is more outdoor-based. We had a lot of hiking places that were popular and snowboarding and skiing mountains weren’t far. Here, we have nice malls and indoor sports are more important.”

Photo credit: Kimberly Jeans.

Before Collegiate, Jeans attended Loudonville Christian, a JK-12 Catholic school in New York. When asked about her old school, Jeans stated, “Believe it or not, there were fifteen people in my grade and two hundred kids in the whole school… It was pretty much like a giant family.” No doubt coming from a small school to Collegiate is a pretty radical change. When asked about the most extensive difference, Jeans stated, “There are so many people! I have never had a school that was this big. It’s weird not to know everybody’s name.”

Coming to a new school is always a really difficult transition to make. When asked about her experience, Jeans stated, “Honestly, my transition was kind of rough. I was really not looking forward to leaving my friends (probably the hardest part), but once I got here everyone was really nice. I think doing sports helped because I got to know some people before school started. I was really glad to get to know a few people so I didn’t have to know zero people on the first day at a much bigger school.”

Picture credit: Kimberly Jeans.

Some of Jeans’ favorite things about Collegiate happen to be the much-loved traditions. Kimberly immediately stated, “Brunch was so awesome!! It was nuts, but awesome at the same time. Shoutout to my fleur Lauren Brizzolara.” Jeans also enjoys Doughnut Delight, her math class, and her painting & drawing class. In addition, Jeans stated, “Convocation was really fun. I had never done that. My old school didn’t actually have a football team, so football games in general were pretty fun. But I also loved the Kindergartners. They were just amazing. My kindergartner Amanda is so cute. She loved to run across the field barefoot.”

In her free time, Jeans really enjoys drawing and painting. Jeans stated, “I like to draw. I took painting first semester and am in drawing now. I also play volleyball.” Many may know Jeans as one of the setters on the girls varsity volleyball team, which had a season of 18-7 in overall statistics, and went 12-2 in the league. In addition to volleyball, Kimberly also plays the flute and is a member of five-day orchestra. She most recently performed the “Flower Duet by composer Léo Delibes with the Five-Day Strings Ensemble at the Winter Music Concert.

Photo credit: Kimberly Jeans.

Even with a short amount of time at Collegiate, Jeans has already had a positive impact on the people in the community. Matty Pahren (‘17) stated, “Oh my gosh, she’s the nicest person ever! She is a very talented flute player, and I love being in orchestra with her. She is also a valuable addition to the five-day strings ensemble, and she even laughs at all our our weird inside jokes. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know her.” In addition, Marnie Brennan (‘17) stated, “I know her from managing volleyball when she was one our our starting setters! She is a great friend, and I am so glad she came to Collegiate.”

Some fun facts about Jeans include her love for snowboarding, mac and cheese, and cliff jumping recreationally. So when you see Kimberly in the hallway, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself!

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Olivia Laskin is a senior at Collegiate School.