Casa Del Barco – Downtown Mexican Cuisine

Richmond’s Canal Walk.

Situated alongside Richmond’s historic Canal Walk, Casa Del Barco offers tasty Mexican cuisine with a view. Often populated by various attorneys, brokers, and financial advisors who work downtown, Casa Del Barco is a great spot for a lunch break or even a daytime snack. Along with a lunch scene, Casa del Barco offers a widely popular bar, perfect for adults and older college students. The restaurant has been named one of the top spots to “hunker down hard” and watch the Super Bowl by Richmond Magazine. Also, Casa Del Barco has been a yearly participant in Richmond Restaurant Week, which occurs in late October. After being told countless times to stray from my usual El Cap cheese quesadilla, I, along with Rebecca Rogers (Godwin High School ‘18), and Carter Bristow (Douglas S. Freeman High School ‘18), finally gave Casa del Barco a try, and we were pleasantly surprised at all they had to offer.

Chips and salsa.

Upon walking in the doors, we were greeted by a friendly waitress and then seated at a booth by the window with a view of the snow falling into the canal. Our waitress was extremely polite and informative, listing off the changes to the menu and specials of the night without hesitation. She first let us know about the recent change in the shape of chips, which made scooping up the guacamole and salsa a little hard, but they were still delicious.  After receiving three personal baskets of chips, we placed an order for the signature bacon and tomato guacamole, which did not disappoint. I had never had bacon in guacamole before, but with the combination of the bacon, tomato, and avocado, this guacamole reminded me of a BLT.

Bacon and tomato guacamole.

We spent several minutes looking over the menu; with so much to choose from, we were having a hard time deciding, so we decided to order three different entrées and then share the dishes. I decided on the chicken tacos, Rebecca on the avocado Caesar salad, and Carter on the nachos as her entrée.

Our food arrived very quickly, and we were a little overwhelmed at the amount of food we had ordered. However, we dug in immediately, eagerly trying each dish. I first gave the nachos a try, complete with chorizo sausage in place of ground beef, black beans, cheese, and drizzled with sour cream. The nachos were warm and seemingly endless. Carter described the nachos as “flavorful with a unique twist of chorizo sausage.” After devouring the nachos, we moved on to trying my personal favorite, the chicken

Chicken tacos.

tacos. Topped with corn, black beans, and cilantro, and accompanied by potato wedges and a chipotle mayonnaise sauce, the chicken tacos were delicious. The pairing of potato wedges with tacos was surprisingly tasty and added an interesting twist to our meal. To finish off our dinner, we each tried the avocado Caesar salad topped with fried onions. Rebecca noted that “the generous portion of avocado” made the salad taste so much better.

As I looked around after finishing our meal, I noticed the amount of adults that came to the restaurant strictly for the bar. Casa Del Barco provides a dinner scene perfect for teenagers, along with a bar scene that attracts many adults who work downtown. Dana Craig, in a 2013 Richmond Times Dispatch review, wrote that Casa Del Barco “has much of what’s needed to bring the oft-touted yet still developing nightlife to the Canal Walk.” Since the canal is such an important part of what the city of Richmond has to offer, I am glad that Casa del Barco has added to the popularity of the historic Canal Walk. The amazing service, wonderful view, and tasty food makes Casa Del Barco one of the best of the many Mexican options in the Richmond area.

All photos by Caroline Baber.

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