Community Through Humor

On November 17th, Jack Sroba (‘17) gave his Senior Speech during an Upper School assembly. He spoke about how everyone has a part of them that has yet to be discovered. He told a few humorous stories about his anxiety of getting stuck in bathrooms, poking fun at his own outlandish fear. Sroba confessed some of his deep secrets relating to bathrooms, uncomfortable information for anyone to share. Although his speech seemed to be ridiculous, there is merit in his embarrassment. The sharing of his bathrooms stories was much more relatable than he expected.

Sroba said that almost immediately after the assembly, he was approached by a classmate who gave him a detailed description of the horrors that once happened to them in a bathroom. “People I barely know are telling me about what happened to them in a bathroom,” he said. His story prompted Ann Hammond Gift (‘17) to share her “near-death” experience also. She set the scene, explaining how she was rushing to get to swim practice and needed to change into her swimsuit. She ran into a stall, missing the “Out of Order” sign on the door. In her frenzy, she accidentally flushed the toilet, which sprayed water everywhere, soaking her and her clothes. Evan Justice (‘17) also told Sroba about how he accidentally dropped his hat in a toilet during Feast of Juul, and as Jack mentioned in his speech, Ah’rea Jones (‘17) one day ran to him and exclaimed, “Jack, I just got stuck in a bathroom, and I thought of you.”

It is amazing to listen to what the senior class of 2017 has to say in their Senior Speeches; some speeches may seem more odd than others, but all of them have value. In many ways, Sroba’s bathroom mishaps have perhaps brought the Collegiate community closer together. He opened himself to the school and helped students feel more comfortable sharing stories and not being judged.

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