Thanksgiving At Collegiate

By Gillian Laming and Claire Andress

Every year, most families gather to enjoy a meal together on Thanksgiving. When most people think of Thanksgiving, they think of traditional foods like turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. We decided to reach out to the Collegiate community to see what kinds of foods were their favorites this holiday.

Many students and faculty members mentioned traditional items, such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey when asked about their favorite Thanksgiving dish. Anna Galanides (’17), Olivia Laskin (’17), and many others said that mashed potatoes were the highlight of their Thanksgiving meals. According to John Bullock (’17), Kimberly Jeans (’17), and Olivia Hess (’17), stuffing was their favorite dish at Thanksgiving.

Taking a slightly more untraditional approach, Upper School government and economics teacher Rob Wedge enjoyed grilling his Thanksgiving turkey. Taylor Thackston (’17) enjoyed her family’s squash pie the most. Caroline Ennis (’17) enjoyed her family’s homemade applesauce, made freshly from four different types of apples picked the previous day. Kate Surgner (’17) remembers how delicious her twice-baked potato casserole was this year, especially since she made it herself.

Other people, however, cited some very unconventional dishes.

Giles Thaxter (’17) said that he liked his homemade cookies ‘n cream milkshake the most. Frances Melvin (’18) and her family celebrate every Thanksgiving with oysters. Bailey Andress (’19) liked grape leaves, a traditional Lebanese dish, the most from her Thanksgiving feast. Taking the healthier route, Mary Ottley’s (’17) favorite food item from Thanksgiving was raspberries.

Finally, Collegiate celebrity and Assistant Head of School J.P. Watson claims he liked the purple Peruvian potatoes (say that three times fast!) the most from his family’s meal.

No matter what was on the table, everyone seemed to have an enjoyable meal. Ennis added, “While the food was delicious, the invaluable time with family was the centerpiece of my day.”

We hope everybody had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Featured image by Tom Grill.

About the author

Gillian is a senior at Collegiate.