Reflecting On Brunch

When the sound of screeching whistles fill the morning air and “Brunched” cars are seen all over, Collegiate students know Brunch is coming. Last Wednesday, November 23, girls from grades five through twelve piled into Oates Theater to see the play that the Junior girls had been working on tirelessly since the summer.

Juniors Maya Mehta (’18) and Frances Melvin (’18) shared their thoughts on the experience. Melvin shared that once school starts, Brunch comes sooner than expected. Rehearsals begin after school, and the feeling that Brunch is really coming begins to set in. Mehta said that she did not enjoy the rehearsals at first, but once the date of Brunch got closer, excitement began to build, making rehearsal more fun. The days before the play were “hectic,” according to Melvin. There are lines to be learned, a theater to be decorated, and logistics to work out in order for the performance to run smoothly. Melvin added that the dress rehearsal was one of her favorite parts of the experience. “It was a lot of fun,” says Melvin, “before the performance, we played music, danced, and decorated Oates.” The dress rehearsal helped the girls get excited for their performance the next day.


After performing. Photo credit: Maya Mehta.

After finishing the dress rehearsal, many of the junior girls went to Reilly Gallagher’s (’18) house for a sleepover. However, most of the girls did not sleep at all that night. Melvin only slept for a few minutes at Starbucks before the performance. Mehta slept for just 30 minutes. Sleep-deprived and filled with caffeine, the girls returned to Oates for their big performance. Mehta remarks that the day of Brunch was a blur, but she remembers the energy of the theater being incredible. The senior girls cheered the performers on, making the experience worth all the hard work. “Brunch brought us together and made us better friends,” remarks Mehta.

“Zoo-Wee-Mama!” she added.

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Hayden is a junior at Collegiate School.