Feast Highlights

By Duncan Owen and Willie Hunter

On the evening on Tuesday, November 22nd, senior boys and Collegiate School faculty gathered to celebrate the annual tradition of Feast of Juul, which has been celebrated for over 30 years.

To commence the evening, live music was provided by a student band, Chef Boyardee and the Raviolis, which consisted of seniors Grayson Richmond, Alex Britto, Zach Moelchert, Adam Kimbrough, and Bennett Hayes, with a cameo of seniors Matthew Gelozin and Brenton Hayward singing “Sweet Home Alabama.” The dinner provided by Aladdin Food Services consisting of steak, baked potatoes, salad, green beans, and bread, soon followed the roasts and toasts by students and teachers.

Willie Hunter (’17) noted that his favorite roasts were of Upper School English teacher Josh Katz by students Austin Jupe (’17) and Spencer Rider (’17). Following the roasts and toasts by the seniors, the faculty then delivered Santa’s gifts, a tradition in which the faculty roast the senior boys. Games and other activites then took place inside the various buildings around campus with the faculty and staff. After a tiring night of games and bonding with classmates, students then hopped on buses to Denny’s for a late night meal consisting of pancakes and bacon at 2 a.m.

Vladimir and the Berserkers sing some corny songs. Photo Credit: Collegiate School

Vladimir and the Brzrkrs sing some corny songs between roasts. Photo credit: Collegiate School.

Since Feast is reserved for senior boys only, students at Collegiate have years of anticipation for the event. Junior Ayinde Budd (’18) is looking forward to “staying up late, the roasts, and having a good time.” Budd is also looking forward to the much-anticipated Toga Day, in which senior boys compete with junior and senior girls on the final Brunch whistle morning for school spirit. Fellow classmate Hayden Gee (’18) is looking forward to “playing board games and other games, like dodgeball,” with his peers late into the night.

A few current seniors reflected on the recent event. Jake Johnston (’17) described the celebration as a night of “community feeling, and lots of testosterone.” Spencer Rider (’17) wished that the celebration of Feast was longer, but he had a “great time.” Giles Thaxter (’17) enjoyed singing the various songs during the meal, but described them as “corny, yet fun.” Bennett Hayes’ (’17) favorite part of Feast was playing a board game with Upper School math teacher Dave Kehlenbeck.

Feast of Juul is a long-awaited tradition among male students and Collegiate School faculty in which they strengthen relationships and experience a community bonding celebration.

Featured image credit: Collegiate School.

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Duncan is a Junior at Collegiate School. When not writing for The Match, he is found either sleeping or trying to make it big on Soundcloud.