“If music be the food of love, play on…”


Infinite Monkey Theorem is a theory that if given an unlimited amount of time, Monkeys will produce out a work of art, like the complete works of William Shakespeare. It is also a band that consists of Thalia Tymowski (‘18 James River High School) on lead vocals, Collegiate’s Gabriel Metzger (‘21) on guitar, Julia Ball (‘18 Maggie Walker Governor’s School) on bass and vocals, our own Bennett Hayes (‘17) on drums and percussion, Collegiate’s Zach Moelchert (‘17) on keys, with occasional guest appearances from Adam Kimbrough (‘17), a Collegiate bassist. The band covers a variety of different rock genres, including classic rock, rock, southern rock, and the blues.

Infinite Monkey Theorem started in January 2015, and was founded by the guitarist Metzger. IMT started with different members in the band, but went through the usual growing pains. IMT were looking for a drummer to add onto their already talented roster. They got into touch with Mike Boyd, Collegiate’s Director of Performing Arts and Calendering, who recommended Bennett Hayes for the job. Metzger also knew the talented Ball from a music school, and she and Hayes joined in October 2015. In July 2016 Tymowski, who Metzger knew from the same music school as Ball, joined IMT.

With their interest in southern rock songs, IMT needed a rhythm guitarist or a keyboardist. Hayes recommended Collegiate’s Moelchert, who was interested in joining. With the band knowing his talent, they were happy to have him join. With their roster complete, they were ready to continue gigging at local restaurants and festivals like Rare Olde Times, Richmond Harley Davidson, The Tin Pan, Collegiate’s Interact Music Festival, and Cold Harbor Ruritan Shrimp Festival, to name a few. At the Tin Pan, they played with other bands, including Collegiate’s Emma Lynn White (‘11), in a Battle-of-the-Bands. IMT is now working on releasing a 12-song press kit.

“[IMT has] been a good experience being able to perform and open for bands,” Hayes

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Photo credit: Karen Hayes.

comments. Incuding a recent show November 6th at Rare Olde Times, Infinite Monkey Theorem has began to blossom into an up-and-coming local band. With a new press kit on the way, the sky’s the limit for IMT. With local, talented Collegiate members accompanied by younger talent from further around Richmond, Infinite Monkey Theorem is definitely a band to check out.

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Title: William Shakespeare.

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