The Grill: A Slice Of Heaven

When I walked into The Grill on Patterson Avenue, I was hit by a wall of sound. It was a Sunday afternoon, and three football games were playing on separate TV screens around the restaurant. It was so packed that my family and I had to start off sitting in seats behind the bar before being moved to a real table. An attentive waiter named Ryan brought over menus for my family to peruse. I debated between the the chicken quesadillas and the chicken tenders. When I asked Ryan which one he would suggest, he told me the part of the menu the quesadillas were on was not available during that time of the day, so I went with the chicken tenders. The rest of my family each ordered something different; my mom went with the chicken sandwich, my dad a cold sandwich with chipotle chicken and chipotle sauce on it. My youngest sister Molly (’21) ordered a traditional cheeseburger, and my other sister Lloyd (’19) chose a crab cake sandwich. As we waited for our food, I was distracted by the Patriots game unfolding on the screen in front of me. About ten minutes after I placed my order, my chicken tenders and fries arrived.


Chicken tenders.

The chicken looked fresh, and it had a distinctive fry color to it, a color that is much darker than the many chicken tenders that I have had at other restaurants. I dipped my first tender into the barbecue sauce and took a bite. The chicken was perfectly cooked, and the flavor of barbecue and chicken exploded in my mouth. I finished my first tender, relishing each bite. I then dove into the pile of fries that were on my plate. They were also perfectly cooked, a golden brown salted to perfection. I quickly finished the rest of the delicious chicken tenders and fries on my plate. However, the chicken tenders were not the only delectable item on the menu. Molly (’21) said that her burger was “a juicy, greasy masterpiece cooked perfectly with fresh tomato and crunchy lettuce. It was perfection on a plate.” Lloyd (19’) said that her crab cake sandwich was “better than [she] expected it to be.”


The crabcake sandwich.

When the waiter came over to clear our plates and refill my glass of water, he asked if we were interested in dessert. He told us we had two pie options: peanut butter or key-lime. We chose peanut butter, and a few minutes later a generous slice of pie was placed on our table with a few spoons so we could share. I took the first bite, and peanut butter and chocolate crust melted in my mouth. I quickly took the pie for myself, forcing the rest of my family to order another slice. Despite my affinity for chicken tenders, this was definitely the highlight of my meal and a standard for comparison for future pies.  

Despite living a few minutes away from The Grill for most of my life and passing it most days as a Lower Schooler at St. Christopher’s, I had never visited until this past Sunday. While the indoor space can feel slightly cramped when fully occupied, there was also patio seating for patrons who desired more space. The interior was reasonably drab, consisting of wooden chairs and tables, with the occasional poster advertising wing night.


Chicken sandwich.

However, the average-looking interior was not any indication of the service. The waiters and waitresses were always smiling and ready to meet any need you may have. My water glass was always full, and my plate was cleared soon after I was finished. While the restaurant was incredibly loud, mostly due to the hordes of NFL fans cheering for their favorite teams, the experience I had at the Grill was enjoyable. I would highly recommend this restaurant for both its service and mouthwatering food, and I look forward to my next visit.


Peanut butter pie.

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Photos by Will Woods.

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Will Woods is a senior at Collegiate.