An Interview With Andrew Reich, Associate Director of College Counseling

Every year, Collegiate welcomes a new group of faculty and staff to our community. One of those new additions this year is Andrew Reich, who joined our college counseling office as the Associate Director of College Counseling this past summer. He comes to us from the Episcopal School of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he served as a college counselor for the past two years. Reich was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but considers Worcester, Massachusetts his home. After moving from Cleveland to California and then to Florida, his family finally settled in Worcester, where Reich attended elementary, middle, and high school. As a child, Reich was a self-proclaimed “sports maniac.” He loved both playing sports and watching them. Some of his favorites were basketball, soccer, basketball, and baseball. His family frequently traveled, which inspired Reich’s love for seeing the world and exploring new places. After high school, he went on to attend Beloit College, a small liberal arts school in Wisconsin. Reich picked Beloit because he was attracted to the inclusive and welcoming environment there. “When I went and visited Beloit, what I loved was how progressive and inclusive the environment was. Everybody there seemed genuinely interested in having me become a part of their community…” says Reich.

After graduating from college, Reich got a job in admissions for Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Two years later, Reich attended graduate school at the University of Oslo in Norway. While attending grad school, he worked part time for New York University in their international admissions operation. Reich loved his time in Norway. “I loved how cohesive the country is, and how they really do move as one…” Reich shared that he often sees pictures of Oslo on social media and wishes that he was still living there. He enjoyed working in college admissions, but wished that he could get to know the students he was working with better and form a relationship with them. “I felt like whenever I went to a high school to recruit students, I never really got to know them really well, and when you work at a high school helping kids get into college, I think you get to develop connections with students and families,” says Reich. After making the decision to try a new side of the college admission process, he got a job at the Episcopal School as a college counselor. While living in Baton Rouge, Reich realized that he missed the East Coast. “What I really missed was the four seasons,” says Reich. After finding out that Collegiate had an opening in their college counseling office, he decided to apply for the position. “I found out that Mr. Fulk was leaving, and once I heard that I said ‘Well, that’s a really good school; that’s one of the best schools, and Virginia’s a great state.’”

After only a few months at Collegiate, Reich has realized how special of a place it is. “I’ve been so impressed with the ambition and motivation of the students to stay on top of the college counseling process and on top of their college applications… I really feel like my job is valued.” Reich also admires the Pillars of Responsible Citizenship. He admires our school’s initiatives at promoting inclusivity. Reich lives in the Fan along with his girlfriend and their cat Tove. He believes that Richmond is the “perfect intersection between urban and rural and nature.”

I asked Reich if he could share one piece of advice to our students who are in the middle of the college process. He said he wants students to “keep an open mind and take risks, and think for yourself, because it’s your search… and think outside the box!” He challenges students to go look at a college they think that they would never go to, because they may be surprised. In addition to college counseling, Reich coaches Cub football and will be a Cub girls basketball coach this winter. He is excited to get back into coaching.

Heres a photo of Reich and a close friend in a 120 degree desert in Columbia! Photo credit: Andrew Reich

Reich and a close friend in a desert in Columbia. It was 120 degrees that day! Photo credit: Andrew Reich.

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