Snapshot: Life at Maggie Walker

Another perspective: A snapshot of a student-athlete from outside Collegiate.

Kent Dickey, a sophomore at the prestigious Maggie Walker Governor’s School, who also plays soccer for Richmond United Development Academy, manages to balance competing at the highest levels both off and on the field. For better insight into Kent’s academic life, we sat down for an interview.

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When asked to choose one word to describe life at Maggie Walker, Kent said, “Unique, because of the nature of Maggie Walker’s wide variety of classes. People with all interests are able to take classes, such as ten languages, numerous dual-enrollment classes with Virginia Commonwealth University, and classes for the arts, that suit their individual interests.  Although there is a lot of individualization among the student body, I would say our curiosity and desire for knowledge gives our school a sense of togetherness that I don’t really see at other high schools.”

Maggie Walker students are notorious for their lack of sleep. Kent’s sleep schedule depends on what classes are the following day.  “It can vary from eight to nine hours for my even days, in which I have a moderately difficult day, to a night with three or for hours of sleep on my odd days, in which I have all my difficult classes, which include Trig, APUSH, World Literature, and Chemistry.” Kent stresses the importance of “budget[ing] your time well to limit the number one sin that is procrastination, which can really make or break you.”

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When asked about the highlight of his day, Kent modestly replied, “Leaving, lunch, and seeing my friends and girlfriend.”

Kent’s best and most enjoyable assignment so far was, “having to make a model of the Great Wall of China my freshman year, or cooking an Austrian dish, beef goulash and spaetzle, for my German class.”

Kent chose Maggie Walker, “because it was free and would provide the best education for me. It also was the only school with ten languages, which has allowed to take Spanish, German, and Arabic, which I will be taking my final two years here.”

A final warning from Kent: do not go to Maggie Walker, “if you want to play competitive high school sports or you cannot handle the intensity of the academics.”

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