Snapshot: Sarah Colletti

Anything Goes. Image by Taylor Dabney.

Anything Goes. Image by Taylor Dabney.

When I asked Sarah Colletti (’18) who she is, she told me she is a dancer. A bubbly, kind-hearted person, Sarah is never spotted without a glowing smile on her face. Sarah has been dancing since she was three years old and has done many different types of dance: ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, modern, and hip hop. She says that her favorite is lyrical because, “I think its the most expressive form of dance, all of the lyrical dances that I’ve done have had some deeper meaning behind them.” Sarah dances in the 360 Dance Company at school. She used to dance at the West End Academy of Dance before the craziness of life took over. However, her passion for dance lives on at Collegiate, “I think in general trying to express your thoughts and ideas is really difficult. It’s so cool because I feel like through my movement I’m able to say something without even having to say anything at all.”

Sarah is also involved in the theater program; she has performed in Anything Goes, Metamorphoses, and Pippin. She says, “I love the theater family. When I was younger I used to watch my older brother on stage and wanted to do that. I love the idea of it in general, bringing a story to life.”

The Colletti family in general is very artistic. Sarah’s older brothers are involved in the arts: Drew (’12) is a theater major in college, and Matt (’16) is a talented visual artist. She says that her parents were more involved in athletics as opposed to the arts and says, “They didn’t have much to do with it, but I think they’re proud of us.” Altogether, Sarah is an incredible artist and person.

Featured image courtesy of Sarah Colletti.

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