Snapshot: A Senior the Day of Their Speech

After four years of anticipation, a year of being scared, and a couple weeks of writing, AB Bugg (‘16) walked into school this morning for her Senior Speech. In a new dress, complimented by sassy wedges and earrings, AB looks the part of speech-giving senior. “I was nervous when I woke up this morning.” 

AB flashes a pose before her speech

AB strikes a pose before her speech.

She said that she spent the week practicing in front of her brother, but her parents haven’t heard it yet. “I’m not very nervous about them hearing it because it’s not very serious… I hope people laugh.”

The morning of their Senior Speech, seniors have to report to Oates at 8:00 a.m. to practice. AB says that she was the first to practice this morning, which made her nervous at first, but now she feels ready for assembly. “I’ve never spoken in front of this many people,” she says, anticipating the audience of 500 or more members.

“My intro is about the class of 2016… it’s been a lot of fun with them, a great 13 years,” she says sentimentally. In April of our senior year, everything is coming to a close, and her speech is one of the last to be given. AB says, “I am excited because it’s one of the last big milestones of my senior year, and my time at Collegiate.”

Photo by Madison Stewart.

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Madison is a senior at Collegiate.