Jammin’ at IMF

With black X’s on their hands and shoes kicked off their feet, members of the Collegiate community flooded Burke Hall Friday, March 25 for the Interact Music Festival (IMF). Collegiate’s Interact club puts on IMF, and it is a time for student musicians to perform in front of their community and show off their talents.

This year’s IMF was different than the past couple of years. Recently, it had been held outside on a spring afternoon, but this year they brought back the tradition of having it indoors at night. I was skeptical of this change at first, as I have only attended outdoor IMF’s, but the turnout this year was much larger compared to last year.

The lineup:

Infinite Monkey Theorem (Bennett Hayes (‘17), Gabriel Metzger (‘21), Julia Ball (Maggie Walker) (‘18), Mikaela Jones (Lee Davis) (‘18))

Purple Satellite (Annie Mahoney (‘19), Selam Herring (‘19), Greer Buell (‘19))

Alex Britto (‘17)

Crossroads (Sonja Kapadia (‘17), Bobbie Edmunds (‘17), Emily Spalding (‘16), Zach Bostic (‘18), Ashray Namala (‘18), Jack Lerch (‘19), James Geho (‘18), Thomas Rauch (‘19))

Paddle Faster (Jimmy Melnick (‘16), Thompson Oney (‘16), William Bennett (‘16), John Cantor (‘16), Zach Bostic (‘18)) and Johnny White (‘20)

Dorcas Afolayan (‘16)

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.42.39 PM

Infinite Monkey Theorem

The event was $5 at the door, or you could order a $15 t-shirt for admission, and there was an open door policy. I was there for the entire event, which lasted about three hours. Unfortunately, the crowd took their time getting there, and the Infinite Monkey Theorem didn’t have as many audience members as they deserved. Their covers of classic rock songs such as the Allman Brothers’ “Soulshine” kicked off the event with strong vibes. As a result, once the crowd started flooding in, it didn’t seem to stop.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.42.51 PM

Purple Satellite

Purple Satellite got the crowd fired up just by being freshmen alone. They seemed to have a whole cheering section from the class of 2019, which was cool to watch knowing that this is only the beginning of their IMF and musical careers. They performed a few songs, including the crowd favorite, “Put Your Records On,” by Corinne Bailey Rae. Everyone, myself included, was swaying to the music and singing along.

After Purple Satellite, Alex Britto had a jam sesh on his guitar, covering Jimi Hendrix and stunning the audience. This performance was the only one in which the electric guitar was the focus, and it was well placed between acoustic performances. Crossroads kept the upbeat tempo going with covers of songs such as “LA Devotee” by Panic! At the Disco, and other popular alternative songs. Crossroads has a confident stage presence, and it was the largest band to perform this year.

Alex Britto

Alex Britto



There was a short break between Crossroads and Paddle Faster, and when the break was over, the room had gone from being about one third full to packed, with about 250 Upper Schoolers. The last group of the night was Paddle Faster, accompanied by Johnny White and Dorcas Afolayan. What differentiates Paddle Faster from the other bands and performers is their publicity. Performing at places like Rare Olde Times and Backyard Grill, and selling t-shirts, has made their name well known in our community. When they started playing, the lights were dimmed, and the seniors made the area in front of the stage their dance floor. They played many popular classics, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama.” My shoes were off within their first five minutes of playing, and I joined many others in some fun, but poorly executed swing dancing.

Paddle Faster and Johnny White

Paddle Faster and Johnny White.

Paddle Faster and Dorcas Afolayan

Paddle Faster and Dorcas Afolayan.




The night was a huge success, and a week later, people are still talking about it. “I loved seeing my classmates up on stage performing,” says Katie Lee (‘16). Carly Hayes (‘16) says, “it’s a really fun way to see all of the amazing musical talent in the Upper School.” This year was the best IMF I’ve seen, and if whether or not you have been before I would definitely go next year. This year there was an incredibly young group of performers, and they rocked it. I wish I was going to be here to see what they do next year.

All photos by Vlastik Svab.

About the author

Madison is a senior at Collegiate.