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The original Full House cast. Photo credit: ABC News.

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Fuller House. Photo credit: Netflix

Full House was a classic show that many loved throughout their childhoods, either from watching re-runs or experiencing first-hand the excitement of new episodes on Friday nights in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Full House originally aired on ABC from 1987 to 1995. It is a family-oriented show about a family of three girls–DJ, Stephanie and Michelle–and their dad, Danny Tanner, whose wife has passed away. Danny’s goofy best friend, Joey Gladstone, and rockstar brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis, help raise the three girls while living with them in their San Francisco home. The family deals with DJ’s best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, who causes trouble and annoyance within the household during the show. The episodes always include positive sentiments, and viewers are greeted by a challenge that the family works through together, ending with a group hug at the end of every episode. Full House is a show that is loved by many who felt as though they were a part of the Tanner household.

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Fuller House. Photo credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix.

After Full House aired its last episode in 1995, many people were bitter about the ending of this show. But the children who watched Full House were growing up and wanted an edgier and different type of comedy, one that related to their young adult lives. The show was being overpowered by hipper comedies such as Friends, which brought this style of comedy to the audience.

The friendships and group hugs were brought back together on February 26, 2016 with the release of Fuller House on Netflix. Fuller House is not just a reunion show, but a reset button back to 1985. All the girls are grown up. DJ, now a widow, has three boys of her own; Stephanie is a DJ who goes to wild parties and travels; and Kimmie Gibbler is a divorced mother and party planner. DJ’s high school sweetheart, Steve, appears on the first season trying to rekindle what he and DJ once had, while competing with another guy DJ likes. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who previously played the youngest of the three girls, Michelle, chose not to be on the show. The cast antagonizes the Olsens’ character throughout the show due to their absence. In one of the first episodes of Fuller House, Danny, the father of the three girls, is putting their childhood home up for the market and invites all of the family home for one last weekend. During this time, DJ realizes that she has a lot to handle with her job and three boys, which entices Stephanie and Kimmie to stay and raise the children in the home where they all grew up. Many of the episodes include the old cast coming into town and helping the family with various situations.

This show is filled with nostalgia, bringing those who watched Full House as a child back in time to the nights where they wished they were part of the Tanner household. This show brings back the classics of Full House’s old catch phrases, such as “You got it, dude!” and “How rude!” and the cheesy and predictable comedy. Some say that Full House is an old, cheesy sit-com, but for others it is a show that reminds them of family. Toler Innes (‘17) says, “Full House is a show that is more realistic in everyday family lives, unlike the reality shows now about celebrities who get whatever they want.” Full House and Fuller House both bring family values back into everyday television. If one did not watch Full House when they were younger, they will not particularly enjoy the family-themed comedy that this show provides. This new version was meant for those who watched Full House when they were younger and allows them to go back in time.

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