10/10 BBQ: Deep Run Roadhouse

Offering BBQ, Tex-Mex, and comfort food, Deep Run Roadhouse is a cozy restaurant tucked into the Crofton Green Shopping Center off of Gayton Road.

My mother Laura Stewart says, “From the moment you walk in, you can smell and tell you’ll be eating somethingIMG_1240 delicious.” When you enter the restaurant, you see the menu written on a chalkboard on the left. The menu causes your mouth water at the thought of about ten different meals, which makes narrowing your choices extremely difficult. My family and I got the BBQ platter with coleslaw and cornbread with honey butter, another BBQ platter with green beans and IMG_1243cornbread with honey butter, a Southwest chicken salad sandwich with potato wedges, and a Cuban sandwich with mac ‘n cheese.

The Cuban sandwich is another classic; however, this one has a few twists. Given the choice of chicken, pork, or sausage on my Cuban, I chose pork. The Cuban has all of the traditional toppings—cheese, pickles, and mustard—but is revamped with the addition of onions, jalapenos, and Sriracha. It has a nice kick to it for IMG_1241those who enjoy spicy foods. The mac ‘n cheese was creamy and warm, the definition of comfort food.

The final dish ordered was the Southwest chicken salad sandwich with potato wedges. “It was sweet and spicy on a crispy bun,” according to my brother Michael. Both the chicken salad and the Cuban sandwiches were pressed, IMG_1242resembling round paninis. As someone who doesn’t typically like potato wedges, I thought these were well seasoned with salt and pepper, and made even better by dipping them into the cherry bourbon BBQ sauce. “It was really tasty, warming to my heart” says Michael of the meal as a whole.

This was my family’s second trip to Deep Run Roadhouse, and I know for sure that there is a third visit in the near future. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and very laid back. The staff is friendly and proud of their food. Everything that I have tried there so far has been outstanding and reasonably priced. I would definitely give this one a visit!

All photos by Madison Stewart.

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