The Gates Letter: A Must Read

Bill and Melinda Gates are the founders of the aptly named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s wealthiest charitable foundation, and are tried and tested philanthropists. It has been 16 years since Bill Gates stepped down as Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft in order to focus his attention on humanitarian efforts, and his accomplishments since are lengthy. They have seven offices around the globe, employ over 1,300 people, and have given over $34.5 billion in grants. However the effect on the lives of some of the poorest people around the world have been immeasurably improved by the technology, kindness, and dedicated work by the Gates Foundation.

Bill and Melinda Gates are two of my biggest heroes, which is why I was not at all surprised by the way they answered the question, “What would your superpower be?”

“More energy.” -Bill

“More time.” -Melinda

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This was the theme of this year’s Gates Letter. Each year Bill and Melinda write The Gates Letter, detailing some of the work the pair has engaged in over the past year the their goals for the next year. Bill wrote about how energy is the most needed resource in the world, and the resource with the most potential to improve life for those in poor countries. Melinda focused on the time wage gap between men and women, telling an interesting story of the lives of women who don’t “work”.

This year, their letter was directed at high schoolers specifically. Therefore, I encourage every student with a few minutes to spare to take the time to read this letter.
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Payton Van Winkle is a current senior at Collegiate school and is well known for being the founder of the Match, attending meetings for four years, and only writing 2.5 articles.