Top Ten Supreme Court Nominations

10. Donald J. Trump

9. Dr. J. Brian Ross

8.8 Jacob Baldwin

8.5555555. Juneau, Alaska

8. J-Lo

7.900. Jeronimo

7.6. Juanes

7. Jay-Z

6.4432. Jacob Jacobson (the creator of J Date, the leading dating site for Jewish singles)

6. J-Law

5.1111468254. LL Cool J

5.1/2. DJ Jazzy Jeff

5.4. The Jenners (but not the messed up ones)

5. JFK

235634. Michael J. Fox

4.6. Jeb Bush

4.5. OJ Simpson

4.3. OJ

4. Brian “Coach” J. Justice IV

3.222222.1. Petey Jacobs and his Jym

2.99. Jenga

2.98. Django Unchained (the D is silent)

2. Justice Justice

1.333333333339. J.P. Watson

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