Third Graders Create Their Own Mini-Match

A small group of third graders, led by teachers Sonya Smith and Dani Mendonsa, has created their own Mini-Match. These six budding journalists worked before school, on their own time, with their teachers, who “wanted to provide an opportunity for these children to write about things they felt passionate about,” says Mendonsa. She adds, “we did not steer them in any one direction, as you can see from the range of topics.” One of their goals was to “provide an enrichment opportunity that would excite these learners to pursue writing outside of the classroom.” While this is a pilot program, be on the lookout for possible future editions of the Lower School Mini-Match!

Mini_Match2-12-16p1 Mini_Match2-12-16p2 Mini_Match2-12-16p3 Mini_Match2-12-16p4

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