Matchmakers 2016

HeaderLove is in the air! For over a century, The Match staff has worked hard to make the perfect matches. We have a 100% success rate, and 90% of our matches get married within a week. To the lovely couples below, you’re welcome. Best wishes for a happy future together.


Your Editors:
Christy, Emily, and Helen

  Rick O’Shea and Hillary Clinton

You know what they say: opposites attract.

The Clintons & Rick O'Shea

Austin Jupe and Bob Saget

Clearly, Bob Saget has been on Austin’s mind lately. We think Austin will have no trouble fitting in with the Tanner family.

Bob Saget & Austin Jupe

Dalton Ruh and the IELC: ASIA Posse

Dalton wrote himself that he was “gonna miss [his] girls,” and was mentioned in one of his “girls’” Instagram caption that read “u r the hottest.” Even though there is an ocean between them, we hear Dalton is travelling to China in a few weeks just to see them. If that’s not true love, we really don’t know what is.

Dalton and IELC Girls

Chris Carr and Cam Newton

If the Collegiate student body knows one thing, it is that Chris is excellent at giving pep talks via email. Chris’s pep-prowess is much needed by Cam after the Super Bowl.

Chris and Cam

Claire Tate and (shirtless) Sawyer Gaffney

Their chemistry in the Winter Play was undeniable, so we’re removing the barriers (and shirt) preventing them from being together.

Sawyer and Claire

The Junior Girls and Senior Girls

Because no love is stronger than their mutual love for BRUNCH?!644e692a54603ced536caf08a2ee817a

Claire Murphy and Willie Hunter & Elizabeth Murphy and Sam Hunter

Just think how easy all of the holiday gatherings, double dates, and family vacations will be if these two sets of twins get together.


Max Vaughan and Craig and Dylan

Even though they’ve had their ups and downs (like Max trying to eat them), there is no cuter trio than that of Max and his two apple pals rolling along, professing their mutual love for each other (because fruits do indeed have feelings).

Max and Craig and Dylan

Michael Warker and Everyone Else

Austin Jupe said it best: “Everyone loves Michael Warker.” Hopefully Michael loves everyone else.


Mr. Justice and Lord Grantham

Mr. Justice is really just a reincarnation of Lord Grantham. They will spend their days sipping tea, running Dover Hall, and conversing about the changing times.

Mr. Justice and Lord Crawley

Mythili Vigneshwar and Christian Bale

Mythili has enough love for Christian that it balances out the fact they’ve never met before.


Dr. Ross and Ken Burns

Do we even need to elaborate?

Dr. Ross and Ken Burns

Aven Jones and Steele Viverette

Their Snapstories are already dedicated exclusively to detailing their friendship, so we are making the final step for them into a real relationship.

Aven and Steele

Mr. Bartels and his OS

Fun fact: Mr. Bartels and his OS were the inspiration for the film Her.

Mr. Bartels and OS

George Grattan and Mr. Cooke

George Grattan immerses himself in the outdoors just like Mr. Cooke. Two years ago, he even went as Brad to Oddball. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Brad and George

Sarah Smithson and Jeb Bush

A match made in political heaven.102414251-RTR4O8YM.530x298

Ben Greer and Crepes

Ben looks for “friendship, and a love for crepes,” in a partner and claims his spirit food “sure isn’t not crepes.” So this may be a short-lived relationship if Ben gets hungry, but at least one of them will be happy in the end.

Ben and Crepes

Morgan Gutenberger and Scott Werwath

Morgan answered Scott for every single question we asked, even if it didn’t really make sense. Even though he’s on the other side of the country, Morgan’s determination is strong enough to keep them together.Morgan and Scott

Margaret Davenport and Grilled Cheeses
Her food Instagram name is “grilled_chesus” and, after all, she did dedicate her senior speech to the gooey sandwich. That’s true, cheesy love.

Grilled Cheese

Leilani Porter and Herself

When asked what she looks for in a partner, Leilani said “Someone who at least attempts to be as fabulous as me.” Well, look no further Leilani. You’re welcome.

Leilani and Herself


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