Ross and Rachel Were on a Break, But They’re Back

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Whether we watched the pilot when it came out in 1994 or went through the entire series on Netflix in two weeks, we all love Friends. Twelve years after the tear-jerking finale, it is still all the rage for at least two generations. The popular sitcom features six main characters, two of which are siblings. They all live near each other, date each other, and spend all of their time together. The show is hilariously written with well-developed characters. The relationships the characters have with each other and their lifestyles are our goals, and we all dream of sitting on that orange couch in Central Perk. But, what are the actors and actresses doing in real life? Do they have the same relationships off screen as they do on screen?

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have remained friends years after the airing of the final episode, but we never hear of all six cast members kickin’ it like they did in the show. Until now (sort of).

With the exception of Matthew Perry (who played Chandler Bing), the cast is reuniting. On February 21, 2016, NBC will air the reunion of Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LaBlanc, and David Schwimmer. Contrary to many rumors and beliefs, this reunion will not be in the form of another episode or a movie. The purpose of this reunion is to honor director James Burrows. Although there are even Friends movie trailers out there, Burrows has made it very clear that he is not in favor of the idea of filming additional episodes or a movie with the cast. The reunion will feature the Friends cast in a Q&A format. Rumor has it that Matthew Perry sent a video to Burrows, since he could not be physically present due to a play he’s participating in London.

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I, for one, am nervous for this reunion. I am worried that it will sway my views of the characters and the perfect relationships they all had on screen. Elizabeth Harrison (‘17) says, “I hope the actors have the same chemistry with each other, and I hope that the show still has the same spirit that it did.” In addition, what is Friends without Chandler? He drives me crazy sometimes, but I cannot imagine the cast without him. However, the cast that was present while filming the reunion seems excited for the airing on February 21. Kaley Cuoco, from the popular TV show Big Bang Theory, instagrammed a photo with the five Friends cast members the night they honored Burrows and expressed her excitement to be with them through crying face emojis in her caption.

Although they will not be on the famous orange couch, and the room may feel silent without Chandler Bing’s jokes, I am looking forward to seeing how the cast acts together again. Who knows… maybe this could reinforce our belief in their hilarious and perfect relationships.

Whether you haven’t seen the show or you binge watch it, you can catch it here on TBS.

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