A Feast for Brunch

Down on North 17th Street, right across from the farmer’s market, sits a brunch hotspot: Lulu’s. One snowy morning two friends and I walked through Lulu’s door to be greeted by a young staff member and taken to our table immediately. “The atmosphere inside Lulu’s was comfortable and relaxed,” says Madeline White (‘16). It was warm in contrast to the freezing temperatures outside, and our table had a great view of everything happening in the open kitchen. I watched fresh brown eggs being cracked and waitresses garnishing the plates with sriracha, and my mouth began to water.

“Our waitress was very friendly,” says Katie Lee (‘16), and she remained patient when dealing with us, three indecisive teenage girls. She joked around with us and made us laugh every time she came to our table. The entire staff seemed to be friends, and they made you feel right at home.

After glancing at the menu, there were about five different items we each wanted, but we eventually narrowed it down. Over the course of the visit, I tried their red velvet waffles, their french toast, and their TOA and white cheddar omelette.


Red Velvet Waffles. Photo by Madison Stewart.

The red velvet waffle ($9) is served with a pecan cream cheese and strawberry compote. It appeared to be a frequently ordered menu item, as I saw probably ten served during our visit. It is perfectly crisped on the outside and soft on the inside, and shockingly light. The pecan cream cheese adds a salty aspect that enhacnes the flavors of the waffle and strawberries.


French Toast. Photo by Katie Lee.

Next I tried the french toast ($12). This is a classic. With browned edges, powdered sugar, strawberry compote, and cinnamon creme fraiche, this is a warm plate you can’t go wrong with.

The third dish I had was the TOA and white cheddar omelette. “TOA” stands for tomato, onion, and avocado. For someone without a sweet tooth, this is a definite win. The omelette was cooked to perfection, and the cheese would ooze out when stuck with a fork. This one was served with their house potatoes, and they deserve a medal. The potatoes were


TOA Omelette. Photo by Madeline White.

cooked with peppers and onions, and seasoned with salt and pepper until they were a little bit spicy. Then the plate is garnished with sriracha, which goes along perfectly with the potatoes for that extra kick.

My experience at Lulu’s was a great one. For the most part the food is reasonably priced, and well worth it. Lulu’s has many great reviews on Yelp and they take reservations on OpenTable!

About the author

Madison is a senior at Collegiate.