Feel That Burn at TidalWheel

Imagine: climbing and rotating between four and two count holds, resistance heavy, legs burning, heart racing. Sweat drips from every bare limb as rainbow lights flash and MiMS’s  “Move (If You Wanna)blares aloud. This one moment is a perfect encapsulation of the intensity and entertainment that TidalWheel provides. According to their website, “TidalWheel is a full-body indoor cycling studio that provides riders with an all-encompassing, inspirational workout. By combining upbeat, energetic music with experienced instructors, we guide you through a one-of-a-kind exercise experience you won’t find anywhere else.” All of my experiences at TidalWheel’s cycling studio have lived up to this bold and intricate description. 

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Doing great work at TidalWheel’s front desk. Photo by Kate Surgner.

My latest TidalWheel class was especially energetic and memorable. When I first arrived, I was greeted at the front desk by the smiling face of my friend Julia Mitchell (‘17). Julia has manned the front desk of Tidal Wheel since the summer of 2015. After signing in, Julia handed me a pair of special cycling shoes that clip into the bike to ensure maximum speed and safety while cycling. Once I had my shoes, I walked into the studio, where all 20 bikes face the head bike, which is is ridden by the instructor. At my latest class, my friend and fellow classmate Mary Ottley (‘17) was the instructor. This was Mary’s third time teaching. She has been a TidalWheel attendee for over a year. “I love TidalWheel because not only am I in high spirits after every class, but it keeps me in great shape for my many outdoor pursuits, including surfing, trail running, and mountain biking” says Ottley. Mary and Julia were not the only familiar faces I ran into at my last class. My fellow riders included other Collegiate students, friends, or parents of friends.

TidalWheel composes its classes of sprint workouts to get the heart rate up, high resistance climbs and tap backs  (which focus on exercising the thighs and glutes), weight lifting (to work biceps, triceps, and shoulders), and finally a variation of crunches to strengthen the core. Mary began class with a series of sprints. She incorporated alternating forms of climbs and tap back holds, seriously challenging shoulder and tricep workouts, and more sprints throughout the rest of class to ensure a full-body workout. Those who have attended a TidalWheel class are aware of the vigorous and truly challenging workout received by the end of the class. For those who have not attended a TidalWheel class before, I highly recommend it. It is truly one of the most difficult workouts I’ve ever experienced. Riders sweat so much during the classes that TidalWheel provides everyone with their own towel.

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Photo by TidalWheel Indoor Cycling Studio.

Though my workout with Mary this past weekend was extremely difficult, I felt fully engaged in what I was doing. That is the beauty of TidalWheel. The music and intense atmosphere allow riders to be present in their workout and really focus on themselves and getting better. During class, riders are constantly encouraged and pumped up by instructors. When asked about the instructor’s pep and encouragement, Walker Surgner (‘11), my sister and a fellow TidalWheel rider, says “that [the pep and encouragement] and the music together make me want to do my best.” Mary did a great job of motivating and inspiring her riders to go as hard as we could and to give it all we have. When I asked Mary how she is able to remain so positive and passionate all the time, she replied,  “Life is 10% what you get and 90% what you make it… Do what you love, love what you do.” Her supportive and genuine desire to instruct and help are so apparent and really encourage riders to be in the moment and work hard. After my latest TidalWheel class, Gwin Sinnott (‘17) , who had also been in Mary’s class said, “It gets better and better everytime I come!”

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TidalWheel is located behind The Shops at 5807. Photo by Kate Surgner.

TidalWheel studio may be hidden away, behind The Shops at 5807 (Patterson Avenue), but it does not go by unnoticed. TidalWheel’s eight powerful instructors instruct up to four classes per day. Classes range from 6:00 a.m. start times to 6:30 a.m. start times, seven days a week, to accommodate their wide variety of attendees. TidalWheel provides a positive and high-energy atmosphere for friends, neighbors, and family to come together, work hard, and stay healthy. I value TidalWheel’s ability to interest both men and women. Brandt Surgner, my father, exercise enthusiast, and fellow TidalWheel rider describes TidalWheel as “physically demanding, it’s a good cross training experience that works both the upper and lower body, and I leave the classes with a sense of accomplishment and ready to face the day and eat lunch.” TidalWheel is a special and exciting exercise opportunity compared to the generic exercises that I’ve known my whole life. I highly recommend both men and women to sign up for a TidalWheel class to try out a new, energetic, and innovative exercising experience.

About the author

Kate Surgner is a junior at Collegiate School she likes dancing even though she isn't good at it.