Some Squash For Thanksgiving

As a Collegiate Upper Schooler, you must get two sports credits each year. You can do this by playing sports for the school, doing after school fitness, participating in the theatre program, or even by tutoring kids at the YMCA. If none of these appeal to you, you may be asking yourself, “What other options are there for me?” Well, I have the answer to that question, and it’s joining the Squash Team.

Left to Right Tate Schwarzschild, Thompson Oney, Charlie Meyer, and Peyton Lyons

The Collegiate Squash Squad.

Squash originated in England during the 19th century. Games are 30 minutes. Like tennis, squash can be played in singles or doubles. Players play on a court with four walls. “It’s like tennis, but with a rubber ball that just doesn’t bounce and you’re in a glass cage and you’re on the same side,” co-captain Peyton Lyons (‘16) said. Lyons added, “It’s a pretty demanding sport. Lots of quick movements and sprinting around the court. You’ve got to have decent hand-eye coordination, but it’s a sport anyone can play and have fun with.” Charlie Meyer (‘16) said “If you aren’t gettin’ sweaty, you aren’t doin’ it right. Take a lap.”                                              

The Collegiate Squash team was founded in the winter of 2013 when Lyons and Charlie Meyer (‘16), another co-captain, realized they needed a sports credit. Lyons, a “hardened veteran,” was accustomed to the speed of the game. Lyons has played since the seventh grade and practices a few times each week. Meyer was new to the sport but quickly caught on and became a great player. During the winter of 2014, Tate Schwarzschild (‘16), the third co-captain joined, and this year, Thompson Oney (‘16) became a member of the squash team. Thompson had never played in his life but quickly made his way to the top and became the best player on the team. Lyons said, “He’s better than all of us because he’s actually athletic. He also has a solid slam called the ‘No Mercy Shot. He just slams it against the wall and you die, it’s over.”

The Squash team in game ready positions

The Squash team in “game ready” positions

Usually the team plays during the winter at the Country Club of Virginia (CCV) but this year switched to the fall because of availability with their coach. The team plays against the Saint Christopher’s Junior Squad, themselves, and Middle Schoolers. “They’re really difficult and fast paced. Not a whole lot of time to chill out,” Lyons said.

In addition to playing other teams and practicing, the squash team also participated in a community outreach program. On Wednesdays during the season, the team would play with kids from CHAT (Church Hill Activities and Tutoring). “It’s good for them, and good for us,” Lyons said. He enjoyed the program and loved working with the kids because they brought great energy.


 Although the Squash Team is fairly new, this past season was most likely its last. Unfortunately, there has not been enough interest from younger players, so the team will probably cease to exist after this year. “It was a short lived legacy, but a legacy none the less” Lyons said.

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Parham Alex is in High School, and is a senior