New Student Profile: The Bryce is Right

At 6’4”, he’s hard to miss. You’ve probably spotted him walking down the halls, but do you really know Bryce Ritter (‘17)?

Bryce, a junior, is a new student to Collegiate this year. He has just moved to Richmond from Chatham, New Jersey, where he lived for six years. Previously, he also lived in Chicago for nine years, and for a short while in Goochland, where he was born. Bryce recently moved back to the Richmond area because his parents retired and decided to move back to where they were originally from. While living in New Jersey, Bryce attended a public school much different from Collegiate. For example, unlike Collegiate’s class sizes of around 130 students, Bryce’s old school had about 360 students per grade. Bryce also noted many other differences between the two schools. Firstly, he said that “Collegiate’s cafeteria is way better,” and “at my old school we didn’t have any of these crazy sports fields.” After about two months of the Collegiate experience, Bryce says that his favorite things about the school so far include the people, the facilities, and the fact that “the teachers really care about you.”

Being a new student can be difficult, but Bryce seems to be adjusting well. He says that “the first two weeks were weird, because I didn’t know many people.” However, he also says that his Cougar Pal, Hatcher Chucker (‘17), helped him out quite a bit. “I think Cougar Pals are a great idea,” says Bryce. In addition, Bryce is glad that he joined the varsity soccer team, because he got to know his teammates during preseason before school even started. Being on the soccer team allowed Bryce to feel like part of the school during his first day of Collegiate. Bryce recommends that future new students try out for a fall sport, because being part of a team “makes it a lot easier to meet people.”

In his short time at Collegiate, Bryce has made a strong impression at the school. Ask him about the poetry that he has written in Mr. Follansbee’s Poetry Workshop class. Go to a soccer game and watch Bryce dominate his opponents. Visit the Saunders Family Library and admire his pottery on display. Bryce is even trying out for the basketball team, so you could potentially see him draining threes in Jacobs Gym this winter. Bryce is definitely embracing all of the opportunities that Collegiate has to offer, and is a fantastic fit at the school.

Bryce is a very interesting person with lots to offer. Here is a list of Bryce Ritter Fun Facts.

  • When he was a baby, his head was “perfectly round.”
  • He has been to five Super Bowls.
  • Bryce’s brother’s birthday is his half-birthday, and vice-versa.
  • A little over a year ago, Bryce was only 5’10. Not anymore.
  • Bryce sat next to Will Ferrell courtside during a Final Four game.
  • When he was born, Bryce’s mother painted his toe nail red, so he wouldn’t get lost.
  • His dad used to be the Chief Marketing Officer of Verizon, which has provided Bryce with the opportunity to meet many of celebrities. Here is a condensed list of famous people Bryce has met.
LeBron James Michael Jordan Mark Cuban
Derrick Rose Mariano Rivera Barry Sanders
Mike Ditka Drew Brees Reggie Jackson
Dwyane Wade John Harbaugh Will Ferrell
DeMarcus Ware Clay Matthews Chad Ochocinco
Joe Girardi Lou Piniella Ichiro
David Ortiz Dustin Pedroia Robert Kraft

Bryce Ritter clearly has had many experiences that not many of us at Collegiate have had. He is a fantastic addition to our school, and he definitely has much to contribute. So go up to Bryce and ask him about his experiences meeting celebrities, his previous life in New Jersey and Chicago, his time on Collegiate’s soccer team, or the “idiot” doctors that predicted he would only grow to be 6’2″. You will not be disappointed.

Photo Credit: Betsy Riopelle

About the author

Dalton Ruh is a senior at Collegiate.