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The “Beast from the East” pizza slice. Photo credit: Superstars’ Instagram

Looking for a quick and reasonably priced place to eat? Check out Superstars Restaurant, located at 5700 Patterson Avenue. Known for their gigantic subs and tasteful pizza slices, Superstars is the perfect option. Whether you are choosing to dine in or wish to call ahead, the staff is always ready to make your order. Open daily for over twenty years, the restaurant nevers fails to greet its customers with a warm smile. By consistently delivering tasteful food and treating people with high customer service, Superstars has become increasingly well-known by word of mouth. You can find the restaurant on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It all started in late May of 1994, when Collegiate alum Ned Sinnott (‘86), and his former partner became interested in the restaurant business. Mr. Sinnott came to Richmond with plenty of experience working in the food industry, having previously been employed in Colorado. By experiencing everything from small, family-owned businesses to white tablecloth eateries, Mr. Sinnott was fully intrigued and wanted to learn more. “It was a blast, I learned a great deal, but mostly I learned about people and what makes them tick” he says. Twenty-one years later, Mr. Sinnott still regularly visits his restaurant to check up on things and of course, “grab some food with family and friends.” In addition, he keeps in contact with his partner and friend, Taylor Antonelli, the manager in charge of Superstars’ day-to-day operations.

Like most restaurants, the weekends are Superstars’ busiest hours, particularly on Friday nights and Saturdays during lunch time. The staff is usually kept around fifteen employees, but the restaurant never has more than six or seven working at one time. All staff members are eligible to not only eat for free during their work hours, but also receive a fifty percent discount when they are off their shift as well. One of the restaurant’s most important employees, Josh Young, “was an integral part of the business for over nine years,” Mr. Sinnott comments. Young is now graduated from college and working for Henrico County. In addition, Steven Williams and Alex Smith are currently “two younger guys that are doing a great job and taking on more responsibility for us,” Mr. Sinnott says.  

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The famous “Take-N-Bake” Pizza. Photo credit:

Superstar’s signature “Take-N-Bake Pizza” has earned raving reviews from customers for its convenience and deliciousness. When asked about the secret to such a successful item, Mr. Sinnott commented, “If we told you that, we’d then have to kill you… It’s really about having a really fresh, unique, made-to-order product that is convenient for busy families and is super fresh and hot when you want to eat it at home.” This popular item has always been a quick seller designed for people who are on the go and has been highly recommended in all flavors. This item is offered in every flavor, from plain cheese to margherita and includes simple pre-heating instructions on the package for easy use. It gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite local pizza from their own oven if they don’t have the time to go out.

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The “WolfBadger” is one of Russell Wilson’s favorites. Photo credit: Superstars’ Instagram

With over fifteen different pizza flavors, Superstars has recently seen an increase in popularity for two particular slices. The most common slice, the “So-Crates,” includes spinach, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, feta, and oregano. Meanwhile, the other top seller, known as the “Virginian,” comes with oven roasted barbecue chicken, red onion, cheddar, mozzarella, and cilantro. Don’t see anything appealing on the menu? Next time try asking for one of the well-liked secret menu items, such as the “Bro-Down” or the “WolfBadger.” Open everyday from eleven a.m. to nine p.m., Superstars Pizza is a family-owned business dedicated to serving and catering to the needs of their customers. For more information, check out Superstar’s website, or go grab a slice!

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