Top Ten Things To Rent

10. Mr. Blair’s Porsche.

9.6. Donald Trump’s hair

8. The boy

7.45 The cage

7.111111111111. Pistol Pete’s mustard pants

6. Communism

5.5. Not library books

5. Putin mask

4.3. Mr. Wedge’s grading system

4. The Cougie costume

3. A Collegian

2.9. The movie Rent

2. A coyoté

4.123. Mr. Wedge’s Prius

1.9. The cougar in the Science Building

129. Chicken tenders

620. Sheldon Speedmeyer’s GPA

3.14. Plastic Bob

About the author

Emily is a senior and co-editor of "The Match." In her spare time, she enjoys brunching on Sundays, and her spirit animal is Blair Waldorf.