Letter From The Editors

Ever since March of 1946, The Match has served the Collegiate community as a means to explore the issues and stories of importance to our world through collaborative publication. The magazine gives each and every student at Collegiate, regardless of their age or past participation in the club, the opportunity to explore any topic that might interest them through writing, photography, or film. The club began as a printed newspaper, but as times changed, The Match changed with them, becoming completely digital in 2009. This adjustment allowed not only for a more modern and efficient production timeline, but also for a broader spectrum of publication possibilities. These increased opportunities attract a wide variety of students, whether it be because they are interested in creatively informing the public or because they simply enjoy a source of comic relief to count on each Tuesday. Every Upper School student at Collegiate is welcome to come to room P104 during Creative Flex and participate in this opportunity. Newcomers and veterans alike will not be disappointed by the chance to escape the stress of school and enter the crazy, hilarious, anarchic Match meetings.

This year, The Match has created a way to diversify and increase its content through the Writing for Publication English elective. Working in conjunction with The Match, the class offers students an approach to journalism that reaches beyond the limits of weekly Creative Flex periods. The class uses an eight-day cycle to allow juniors and seniors time to brainstorm, research, write, and co-edit weekly articles for The Match. These articles range from personal profiles to opinion pieces to arts reviews, each of which are designed to give students a well-rounded experience in writing for a publication such as The Match. “Top Ten” lists and Sheldon Speedmeyer articles will still hold their place in The Match, but the addition of news pieces to the typically satirical content of the website will give The Match a new dimension and pave the way for students to write more regularly about topics of greater importance.

So look for an email every Upper School Day 8 about new articles on our site, and follow us on social media: facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Happy reading!


Your Editors-in-Chief,

Christy Bacon (‘16), Helen Roddey (‘16), and Emily Spalding (‘16)


Cover photo by Vlastik Svab of a painting by Kyra Gregory (’15).

About the author

Helen Roddey is a senior at Collegiate. She is awesome. So is The Match.