Top Ten Rejected Senior Dress Days

10. Charles Manson Day

9. Dead Disney Moms Day

93901. Austin Jupe Day

8. Can’t Be Tamed Day

7.5.1. Ben Rein Appreciation Day

6. Follansbee Mustard Day

5.21`4. Senior Prank Day

5. My Strange Addiction Day

4.17. ISIS Recruitment Day

4. I Think I Have A Really Rare Condition Day

3. 19 and Counting Day

2.1932401. Belly Button Information Day

2.14. $houlderz Day

2. Onesie Day

101. I Was Taller When I Was A Kindergartner Day

231. I Have A Donut In My Hair Day (@leilani)

142. Tom Brady Day

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Emily is a senior and co-editor of "The Match." In her spare time, she enjoys brunching on Sundays, and her spirit animal is Blair Waldorf.