Top Ten Things They Are Actually Building in the Lower School

10. Math lab… like in Breaking Bad

9. Sharp Academic Commons 2.0

6.4. Mini-Harkness Table

8. Chipotle

7.6. A parking garage

2.1. Hunger Games Arena

3.3. Ben Rein’s lightbulb commemorative bust

100. Centennial Hall

2342. Parking

7. Bronze statue of Ben Rein

3.764. Jumpology

4.2. Another lacrosse team

111. Vineyard Vines

6.7. A REAL sandbox with tiny little crablets and sand from Cleveland

6. Russell Wilson Center for the Arts

5.5. The University School in Cleveland

5.4. Plaques acknowledging Collegiate’s most undistinguished alums

5. H3L3

210. Short Pump

4. The Chamber of Secrets

3.0001. The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to do Other Stuff Good Too

3. MMA Octagon

2. Teleporter to Cleveland

1.7. Starbucks

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