Top Ten Prom Faux Pas

10. Your corsage is carnivorous.

9.5. #thedress

9. You assassinate all your targets in the receiving line.

8. Too much Chipotle beforehand…

7. You wear a “Hillary 2016” button.

6.6. Nothing is on fleek.

6.5. You are required to park in the church lot and walk to the venue. (But no scooters!)

6. Your dance instructor was Left Shark.

5.5. Your spray tan smudges.

5.4. You snorkel in the chocolate fountain.

5. You complain Dover Hall is too small.

4.5. You dress is green, but your color is gold.

4. Your mom forgets to bring your gluten-free snacks.

3.5. You wear a onesie pantsuit.

3. There aren’t enough “100” signs.

2.5. You leave early.

2. Your shoulders appear.

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