Roar for Russell 2015

Students, faculty, friends, peers! We here at the esteemed Collegiate school have some very exciting news: Russell Wilson has decided to accept the position as the new Head of the Upper School.

“I was once a Cougar, then I was a Seahawk. But now, I am ready to animorph back into a Cougar!” stated Russell proudly. His office has already been decorated with every news article ever published about him, and plans have already been arranged for the filming crew that will be following his every move. He has no administration experience, but with a track record like that, and a Super Bowl ring, he doesn’t need any! We are sure that he will lead our team to victory and won’t drop the ball with the next school year! We look forward to seeing his smiling, encouraging face in the Collegiate halls soon (and we don’t mean the life-sized Fathead stickers that somehow make an appearance every year).

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About the author

Gabi is a superb, sensational, sumptuous senior at Collegiate. Her spirit animal is a raccoon, and in her spare time, she enjoys playing Pokemon, doing titrations, and practicing banjo.