Megalodon Spotted in the James River

Richmonders were given quite a surprise last Saturday, March 28 when the Megalodon, a 45-60 foot shark, was spotted in the rapids of the James River. At first, the 55 ton shark was hard to see in the mysterious waters of the James, but as it traveled further upstream the public got a clearer view. Marlin Madison O’Malley, a current Junior at VCU, stated at the scene, “I was most surprised to see the Megalodon at this time of year, they usually don’t pass through the freshwater rivers of central Virginia until the summer.” And Miss O’Malley is correct; the ordinary mating season for the Megalodon does not commence until late May, when the beasts travel up to the Great Lakes to spawn.

To learn more about the Megalodon and watch clips from the Discovery Channel documentary Megalodon: The Monster Shark CLICK HERE.

This photo was taken from Belle Isle the day of the sighting.

This photo was taken by a pedestrian on the walking bridge to Belle Isle the day of the sighting.

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