AirBud Named New Head of Upper School

The Collegiate administration is happy to announce AirBud as the new head of Upper School for the 2015-2016 school year. Under his leadership, all Upper School students will now be required to take AP Fetch, and dogs are now required on all athletic teams. Other courses such as AP Canine Language and Culture, Modern Dogs in the Athletic World, and a Senior Seminar: The Debate of the Ethics of Dogs in the Modern World. In addition, lunches will now consist of Kibbles n’ Bits, steak, and peanut butter.

AirBud has expressed his excitement for the coming year, stating that he is most looking forward to meeting the students and “sticking [his] head out of the car window on the way to work,” something he was not able to participate in during his last job as a house dog and freelance athlete.


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