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From New York Times: People gathered for a vigil outside the National Bardo Museum, near the Tunisian Parliament building, on Wednesday. Credit Michel Euler/Associated Press

From The New York Times: People gathered for a vigil outside the National Bardo Museum, near the Tunisian Parliament building, on Wednesday. Credit Michel Euler/Associated Press.

Last Wednesday, in Tunisia’s famous Bardo museum, 23 people were shot and killed. The police shot and killed the two gunmen, but a man that they believe to be involved is still on the run. The two that they shot identify as Tunisians but were trained in Libya. The Prime Minister said that this attack was the first of its kind in Tunisia and that the country will show no mercy against these types of attacks. Tunisia is the most successful democracy in the Arab world, but they are struggling to fight against ISIS/ISIL militants and they are the biggest source of foreign fighters for ISIS/ISIL. This attacked raised questions from the public if the newly elected government can stop attacks similar to this one from happening in the future.
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Recently, the United Nations Secretariat Building in New York displayed the photos of Syrian torture victims. Taken by “Caesar,” a defected Syrian militant, these images personalize an issue that is mostly represented by statistics. Caesar smuggled over 55,000 images on hard drives across the Syrian border, and although they were only taken in 2011-2013, they depict over 11,000 deaths.  Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said “We hope that this exhibition will serve as a reminder of the imperative to pursue a political solution to the conflict with utmost urgency to end the suffering of the Syrian people.”

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Yemen is going into a deeper state of violence and turmoil, with ISIS taking a stronger grasp on the country and pushing the Yemen President out of the capital earlier this year. ISIS is responsible for terror attacks this past Friday on two different mosques in Yemen’s capital. These attacks killed more than 130 people, and over the weekend, the rebel group, the “Houthis” took complete control over a main city. With the president kicked out of Yemen, the US is in a difficult position, considering Obama had formed strong relations with Yemen, and it being a place with a successful US counterterrorism operation.
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Ebola Update: 
Recently, Google and some tech volunteers from a group called Hack4Good created an “Ebola-proof” tablet device that can be used to record information without spreading any infected bodily fluids. The tablet can withstand high humidity, storms, and can even be used while wearing gloves. The device can be cleaned off by submerging it in a .5% chlorine solution that kills Ebola, which shows just how strong the waterproof coating on the device is. This chlorine solution is strong enough to cause chemical burns. The device will help scientists to record data more accurately about the virus to be able to hopefully treat it better. Technology like this could also help in other types of outbreaks like cholera.
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