As the Snow Melts: A Philosphocal Journey

As the Snow Melts: A Philosophical Journey

for Dad


As the snow melts, the innocence of the world

melts away with it

the crystals of possibility fracturing

the joy of snow days waning.


The snowflakes turn to raindrops

and the snow turns to water

(H2O- the mermaids are happy)

and the dirt turns to mud.


of mud.


There’s going to be a lot of mud.

An unbelievable amount of mud.


As the snow melts, the cars

will be branded with the remnants of salt

forever dirty

forever spotted

as we procrastinate washing our cars

as we run out of windshield washer fluid.

does anyone know how to replace it?


Seriously, how do you replace windshield washer fluid?


Melting snow like my melting heart

embracing the spring

like a squirrel to a nut that he thought he’d lost

but it ended up being right where he put it but he couldn’t find it

before, because of the snow.


Now the nut is buried not in the sweet embrace of snow,

but in mud.


As the snow melts, my mind is aflutter

with thoughts of life and death,

of good and evil,

of hopeful beginnings and bittersweet endings,

and mud.

Lots of mud

on the dogs’ feet as they run inside.


I’m sorry to my teachers,

as the snow melts

tonight I’ll be mopping the floor instead

of doing my homework.


So much mud.

Paws sliding on tiles

smearing mud everywhere

staining the carpets

staining the blankets

jumping on my clothes.


I’m serious.

We’ll never be clean again

because of the dogs.

Seriously, if you don’t have dogs you don’t even know

how much mud there will be



As the snow melts, everything is muddy

everything is gross

everything is stained with that weird white remnant of the sidewalk salt

but most importantly,

everything is covered in mud


just like my future.


About the author

Kyra has been writing for The Match for four years and is co-editor this year with Emily and Gabi. When she isn't reading The Match, she enjoys chocolate, professional wrestling, and long walks on the beach.