There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to junior Ben Greer. Instead of just being that tall guy with the curly brown hair who sticks his tongue out and yells “Dagger!” after nailing a three-pointer, he is so much more: a devoted Chicago Cubs fan, a competitive Corn Hole contender, a 4th grade basketball coach, and a two-sport athlete. While more stories of his plight in the underground Corn Hole scene, as well as his failure to cheer the Cubs to a victory, are later to come, I am here to talk about Ben Greer the basketball player. Standing 6 feet 3 inches, 180 pounds soaking wet, Ben “The Dagger” Greer plays small forward for the Collegiate Cougars. He is known for his sky-high three-point shots, which manage to find the net more often than not, as well as his intense celebratory ritual of sticking his tongue out Michael Jordan-esque and yelling “Let’s Go!”.

BenGrierAlthough Ben has recently been sidelined with an injured wrist, he still participates as much as he can. His intense physical rehabilitation consisting of twisting open bottles of Strawberry-Banana flavored Body Armor should help him get back on the court as soon as possible. I had a chance to interview Ben last week while walking to my car. He believes that the team needs to exercise defensive consistency as well as offensive patience in order to finish the season on a strong note. Ben also stressed the need to take the season one game at a time in order to help them focus on the task at hand and play their own style of basketball.

When Ben is not on the court improving his own basketball skills or those of 4th graders, he can be found chowing down at Burger Bach on a “nice burger with cheddar and a little lettuce, all on a toasted chiabatta sesame seed bun”. A man who can give a reply as detailed as that clearly knows his stuff.

As the Cougars finish up their basketball season, Ben has intensely been preparing for his increasing role as a pitcher for the Varsity Baseball team. Come out to either Jacobs Gym or Sam Newell Field to see this kid in action.

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Parker Moore is a Junior who enjoys everything.