Top Ten Green vs. Gold Competitions

10. Barbour jacket talley

9. Corn hole with coins

8. Body painting contests

7.8. Who has the best jeggings?

7. Stuff a cougar with giblets

6.7.  “I’m thinking of a number!” with Mr. Bannard

6. Cougar wrangling

5.6. Shirt tucking for tots

5.4. Finger scan relay

5.2. Octagon seal long jump

5. Cougar rodeo with real bulls dressed as Cougie

4.3. Trivia with Mr. Fuller

4.2. The running of the Palyo

4. The Hunger Games

3. Parent donations

2.9. Cougar jousting

2.8. LIS cinnamon bucket challenge

2. Grandparent donations

1.2. Number of legacies

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