The Faces of Private Schools


Seven Collegiate students attended the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana last week. Payton Van Winkle, Jess Speight, Destana Herring, Excellence Perry, Eleanor Dillon, Dorcas Afolayan, and Jordan French spent three intense days in workshops, discussions, listening to speakers, and other activities, focusing on race, class, gender, and the issues that arise around diversity in independent schools. Payton Van Winkle created a photo blog where students of various backgrounds from around the country showed signs that expressed how they feel, or a quote from an encounter they have had in the past.


From Payton: Last March while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw a link to a Buzzfeed article titled, I, Too, Am Harvard. This led me a series of photos depicting the experiences of black students at Harvard University. Reading through it, I remember how much I felt it connected to my school. Like Harvard, Collegiate is an elite school made up of mostly wealthy, white students. I was motivated to find a way to depict the stories of students in private schools. While at SDLC last weekend, I asked students to write something on the whiteboard that represented something someone had said to them or an experience they had where they felt discriminated against or marginalized. I knew it was vague, after that I left it open to interpretation. This series of photos came out of that. 

See for yourself:

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