The Twelve Flex Days of Collegiate Christmas

Sheldon and the staff at The Match have re-written one of your favorite holiday classics! Sing it proudly all holiday season long!

On the twelfth Flex Day of Collegiate Christmas, an anonymous donor gave to me…

Twelve Freshmen Drumlining,

(whispered) Eleven Palyos A-Whisperin’,

Ten Lengels Llengelling,

Nine Juniors Brunching (“Woo!”),

Eight Chickens Tendering,

Seven Flexers Flexing (“Flex Flex Flex!”),

Six iPhone 6’s Charging,

A Five Minute Break,

Four Missing Bells,

Three French Exams,

Two Code Blues,

….And A Light Bulb ‘Twas Poorly Screwed In!

Happy Holidays From The Match!


About the author

Sheldon has been writing for The Match since 2007. He is a perpetual senior, coming close to graduating a few times. In his free time, he enjoys watersports, such as chess and calculus.