The Match’s Top Ten Chrismahannukwanzaa Solstice Gift Ideas

10. You, according to Mariah Carey.

9. A light bulb.

8. The Match.

7. An economy-sized Q tip.

6. Infinite Jest. 

5. Gift card to the Cafe.

4.3. Only one cook.

4. iPhone 9.4.

π. The Pi-Phone 3.14.

1.2. Membership to Voice-Female.

1.17. A scarlet letter.

1.16. A Brunch with food.

1.14. Linner (Lunch + Dinner).

1.12. Baby J.

1.01. Old Gregg

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Sheldon has been writing for The Match since 2007. He is a perpetual senior, coming close to graduating a few times. In his free time, he enjoys watersports, such as chess and calculus.